European Christian Political Movement – despre derapajele liderilor români

European Christian Political Movement reunește creștini activi în mediile politice europene, inclusiv în Parlementul European. Am scris anul trecut despre conferința organizată la Palatul Parmentului pe tema libertății religioase.

Acum au publicat următorul comunicat pe situl lor:

ECPM concerned about the political situation in Romania

090113 logo_zonderletters_kleinFriday 13 July 2012 16:26 The European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) expresses its concern regarding the political situation in Romania. The current crisis shows, in the view of ECPM, that there are some fundamental problems in the Romanian political landscape.

Although the road towards EU integration brought Romania many positive changes, different governments have still not succeeded to achieve the necessary reforms in order to protect the separation of powers, to guarantee the Rule of Law and to create a democratic culture representing the Romanian people in its entirety.

We understand all calls for deeper reform and we understand as well those who expressed their worries regarding the rapid institutional changes in the last few weeks. These institutional changes show in our opinion the real need for stronger institutions that need to become independent from party political influences.

Recent developments are worrying and show the need for deeper reform and stronger fundamental institutions. Via urgent ordinances and change of directors, the current system permitted the politicization and limitation of fundamental institutions in their (independent) power. However, the fact that this was a rapid development is in our opinion a clear indication of the weakness of the institutions which have been politicized in some form by most Romanian governments.

At this moment specific concerns are raised regarding the politicization of the National Ombudsman, the limiting of the authority of the Romanian Constitutional Court, the transfer of the National State Gazette under the direct responsibility of the Government and the change of the directors of the Romanian National television and radio. These fundamental changes in the rule of law have been made by the Romanian Government without political debate. Regardless the intentions of the government, these developments put the rule of law in serious jeopardy. We hope all sides will understand that no one will be protected any more by these institutions and that successive governments may use them for any political means.

Since its beginning, ECPM has been involved in promoting Christian values in Romanian political life and society. In our vision, Christian values are not just personal values; they have meaning for the institutions as well. Honesty, integrity, respect for the rule of law and human dignity are all Christian values that need to be part of both European and Romanian national institutions in order for society to flourish.

We urgently call on the Romanian government and all those involved in the Romanian political process to leave this continuous struggle for power aside and to work in the interest of the Romanian society: to depoliticize the institutions, to create an effective system of checks and balances, to take measures that guarantee an independent juridical system and a free press and media.

We believe that only by making these necessary changes can Romania effectively battle against corruption and abuse of power in order to create a real democratic society. Therefore we also urge Romanian authorities to organize the upcoming referendum concerning the suspension of the Romanian president in a democratic and constitutional manner so that the vote will maximally reflect the will of the Romanian people.

We challenge all involved in the Romanian political life to pursue the restoration of society as a common goal. We sincerely wish that service, humility, compassion and reconciliation will become the guiding principles for Romanian politics. This would not only generate trust in the Romanian institutions and authorities, but will also gain respect for the nation in Europe as well as bring about welfare for the Romanian people. Our hope is that Romania will grow in all ways imaginable in the years to come.




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Un răspuns la European Christian Political Movement – despre derapajele liderilor români

  1. DanutM zice:

    Reblogged this on Persona and commented:
    Finally a Christian entity has decided to speak up about the troubling political situation in Romania.
    I find it sad that neither the Romanian Orthodox Patriarch nor the other heads of Christian communities bothered to comment on what tragic situation of the country. As if they don’t care (which I am sure is not true; and yet…) Really sad.

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